Female Pattern Baldness

What is Female-pattern baldness?  
Female pattern baldness, like male pattern baldness, is hair loss caused by the male hormone (androgen) dihydrotestosterone.  This form of thinning hair is called androgenetic alopecia, or AGA.  AGA in women does not always follow a typical pattern as it often does in men.  It frequently occurs in the top, front, crown, or peaks of the scalp.  It can also occur diffusely all over the scalp.

What causes female pattern hair loss?
A number of factors come into play in hair loss, including heredity, age, hormone levels, medications, and general health.  

How do we treat female pattern hair loss?
The Orentreich Medical Group has been treating androgenetic alopecia for over 50 years.  We begin treatment with an in-depth consultation, including a physical examination of your hair loss and possible testing to determine an accurate diagnosis. We offer a variety of treatments, including:

What can I expect?
Hair loss varies greatly between individuals, and treatment results will depend on a variety of factors, making outcomes impossible to predict. A personalized treatment plan will be developed for you, which is likely to stop the progression of your hair loss.  Your treatment plan will be evaluated regularly to maintain desired results. Most of the hair loss treatments that we offer are not appropriate for women who are pregnant, nursing, or trying to conceive.

Have a question about your treatment?
We have a dedicated triage nurse (RN) who answers patient questions during office hours. If you have a problem or question about a procedure or a prescribed medication, please call our office and ask to speak to our nurse. If she is unable to answer your question, she will consult with your practitioner and return your call.