Keloid Scar

What is a keloid scar?
A keloid scar is a discoloration and thickening of excess scar tissue, often at the site of a healed injury.  It can appear many different ways:

What causes a keloid scar?
Keloid scar formation is often a hereditary predisposition and can be caused also be triggered by:

Sun exposure to scarred skin can cause even darker, thicker keloids to form in those who are predisposed.

How do we treat a keloid scar?
Many cosmetic procedures can reduce the size and thickness of a keloid scar.  Treatments we use include:

What can I expect?
Oftentimes, several treatments are required to flatten a keloid scar.  With each treatment the size will reduce, and you will notice and improvement in appearance.

Have a question about your treatment?
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