CoolSculpting® by Allergan Aesthetics is an FDA approved, non-invasive, non-surgical method of fat reduction that targets the fat in body areas that are challenging to remove through diet and exercise.

Coolsculpting works by delivering controlled cooling (called cryptolysis) to target and crystallize fat cells. Fat cells are more affected by cold temperatures than other cells. This means that the cold does not damage other cells, such as the skin or underlying tissue. Following treatment, the body will naturally eliminate the fat cells killed by freezing.

The procedure takes approximately 60 minutes depending on the target area(s). There is little to no downtime after a Coolsculpting treatment. Some people report soreness at the treatment site similar to that they might have after an intense workout or minor muscle injury. Others report stinging, firmness, mild discoloration, swelling, and itchiness.

If you have areas of stubborn fat, ask your practitioner if you would be a good candidate for Coolsculpting treatment.