Have you (yes, YOU!) had your cancer screenings? I feel like my dog means business when he gives me THAT face, so I thought it would be appropriate for today’s blog on cancer screenings.

I know we all become somewhat lax about taking care of ourselves and I am no exception. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder…




Cancer Screenings

  1. ★Breast

– yearly mammograms starting at age 40

– clinical breast exams during routine check-ups beginning around age 20

  1. ★Colon and Rectum

– age 50 for both males and females

  1. ★Prostate

– digital rectal exam (DRE) and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) should be done annually for men at age 50

– men at high risk, particularly African American men, should begin testing at age 45

  1. ★Cervix

– screening should begin about 3 years after a woman starts having vaginal intercourse

– screening should begin in the abstinent by age 2

…remember (I often need a aide-mémoire myself…) early detection means early cure…so, don’t delay  and start screening!

– Jodi