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Winter-whipped skin! Now what?

Question:  I have been using a Retin-A (tretinoin) anti-aging  skin-care regimen but with all this extreme winter weather my skin is chapped, cracked and looks and feels terrible. What should I do? Answer: You may need to adjust your skin-care routine and anti-aging...

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How to avoid and treat dark spots

Question:  All I had was a simple pimple – why did it leave such a dark spot and how can I get rid of it as quick as possible? Answer:  Of course the answer’s not that simple! Everyone’s propensity to form a dark spot in response to anything that causes skin redness...

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Can I use perfume as a deodorant?

Q.  I ran out of my usual deodorant, so in a pinch I sprayed my favorite perfume under my arms. Is that bad? A. Possibly. Because underarms, especially in the summer, are more sensitive when susceptible to wetness from sweat, humidity, friction and heat. Your underarm...

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